Al Amerat Oman Cricket Stadium Pitch Report Today, Weather Forecast, Stats, ODI Records, Ground Average Score


From today, qualifying for the 2022 Asian Cup will kick off at the Oman Cricket Academy Ground, also known as Al Amerat Cricket Stadium. Before the tournament, we look at the history of the site as well as the details of the upcoming tournament, the pitch report and the average score.

The 2022 Asian Cup qualifiers, which will take place in Oman over a five-day period from August 20, have been chosen to be hosted by Oman. At Al Amerat Cricket Ground’s Ministry Turf 1, all six matches will be played.

Al Amerat Cricket Stadium Oman Pitch Report Today, Weather Forecast, Stats, ODI Records And Ground Average Score

2022 Asian Cup Qualifiers Schedule, Date, Participating Teams and Venue

The 2022 Asian Cup qualifiers will be held in Oman from August 20-24, where four nations will take part in the preliminary round. One of the entrants will earn a spot in Group A of the main event alongside India and Pakistan. The Oman Cricket Academy Ground, also known as Al-Amerat Cricket Ground, will serve as the venue for all matches in the Asian Cup qualifiers.

2022 Asian Cup Qualifying Schedule

August 20: Singapore vs Hong Kong

August 21: UAE vs Kuwait

August 22: UAE vs Singapore

August 23: Kuwait vs Hong Kong

August 24: Singapore v Kuwait

August 24: Hong Kong vs United Arab Emirates

History of Oman Cricket Academy Ground & Records

The weather will be funny and clear with no chance of rain as the temperature remains in the region of 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. Full details and stats can be found here.

Turf 1 is the top playing surface and following the decision to host part of the T20 World Cup in Oman and the Turf 1 venue has been expanded to a capacity of 4000 plus permanent floodlights installed .

The pitch at Al Amerat Stadium is generally good for sticks, although when playing on a used pitch scoring can become increasingly difficult, as was evident in the Oman Pentangular Series.

Oman Cricket announced plans to construct an international standard facility at Al Amarat, approximately 15 kilometers southeast of downtown Muscat, in July 2008. Ownership was granted by the Ministry of Sporting Affairs and funds remainder were to be generated through corporate sponsorship. . The project was originally expected to cost 2 million Omani rials ($5.2 million). Ashraful Haque celebrated the official opening ceremony of Al Amerat Cricket Stadium in October 2012.

Al-Amerat Cricket Stadium, which was built in 2012, staged its first international match in 2019, when Bahrain faced Saudi Arabia in an IT20. Since then, Muscat has hosted the ACC Western Region T20, Oman Quadrangular Series and a Pentangular T20 Series with affiliate teams from Oman, Ireland, Netherlands, Nepal and Hong Kong in October 2019.

The Al Amerat Turf 1 has undergone extensive refurbishment with the installation of new floodlights and pavilions after qualifying to host the 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. A computerized scoreboard has also been installed in place of the traditional. The stadium hosted six matches, including all three of Oman’s matches in the first round of the tournament.

The average score of the T20 at Al Amerat Stadium in the first legs is 147 and the average score of wins in the first leg of the matches of the T20 at Al Amerat Stadium is 160

Wins first at bat against second at bat T20 records at Al Amerat Stadium
strike first Hit second Ties
Won 8 11 0
Recent T20 Matches at Al Amerat Stadium
Teams Year Throw 1st run 2nd round Results / Scorecard
The BAN 84 runs
BAN vs. Oman 2021 TO FORBID
BAN 26 races
SCO vs. PNG 2021 SCO
SCO 17 races
SCO 6 tracks
PNG vs. Oman 2021 Oman
Oman 10 wickets
Al Amerat Stadium records by team
Crew Games played Won Tie or N/R Losses
Oman ten 4 0 6
Ireland 6 4 0 2
Nepal 3 1 0 2
Scotland 5 4 0 1
Netherlands 6 2 0 4
Sri Lanka 2 2 0 0
Bangladesh 3 2 0 1
Oman T20 records of all matches featuring 2 nations associated with ODI status
Highest total in a T20 at Al Amerat Stadium
Crew Score Opposition Year Scorecard
Ireland 183 Netherlands 2019 Link
Netherlands 182 Ireland 2019 Link
Bangladesh 181 PNG 2021 Link
Scotland 181 Ireland 2019 Link
Ireland 180 Scotland 2019 Link
All T20 scores of 180+ in Oman
Lowest total of a T20 at Al Amerat Stadium
Crew Score Opposition Year Scorecard
Nepal 64 Oman 2019 Link
Netherlands 94 Oman 2019 Link
PNG 97 Bangladesh 2021 Link
Oman 111 Scotland 2019 Link
All T20 scores below 120 in Oman
Most successful chase at Al Amerat Stadium in a T20
Crew Score Opposition Year Scorecard
Ireland 183 Netherlands 2019 Link
Scotland 181 Ireland 2019 Link
All successful T20 prosecutions of over 180 people in Oman
High score by a batsman in a T20 at Al Amerat Stadium
Drummer Crew Races (balls) Opposition Year Scorecard
Andy Balbirnie Ireland 83 (50) Netherlands 2019 Link
Avishka Fernando Sri Lanka 83 (59) Oman 2021 Link
Tobias Aimed Netherlands 78 (36) Ireland 2019 Link
Best Bowling Tricks in a T20 Match at Al Amerat Stadium
Bowler Crew The figures Opposition Year Scorecard
Aamir Kaleem Oman 5 for 15 Nepal 2019 Link

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