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The BBC Weather meteorologist said Britons would get a respite from weeks of persistent hot weather as the Met Office thunderstorm warning kicks in. Temperatures are expected to remain in the 30s to start the work week but will gradually decrease as an area of ​​low pressure moves across the country. And showers will slowly develop across England and Wales after hitting Northern Ireland and Scotland from Sunday.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “We have, thankfully, a bit of change on the maps. And we expect to see rain in some places, certainly over the next few days.

“Not much today across England and Wales, another dry day ahead for many of us, especially in the south and east.

“Today will be the last of the very hot days, the end of the heat wave is in sight now. Still warm and sunny but a few thunderstorms are developing today in the north and west.

“We still have this orange extreme heat warning across much of England and East Wales. Still some implications for the rest of the day, heat related health concerns and possibly also disruptions to travel.”

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She continued: “A bit of cloud lapping the shore for the east of England and the north and east of Scotland.

“We also already have showers across Northern Ireland and they will develop more widely for Northern Ireland and the West of Scotland later this morning.

“A few thunderstorms, possibly large hail and frequent lightning too. Most of us in England and Wales stay dry for much of the day and temps are still around 34C-35C , just a little cooler than yesterday for the north and west.

“We might see some of these showers heading into Wales, maybe the South West of England at times, but they will be quite isolated.”

The BBC forecaster said conditions will remain sticky overnight, with temperatures remaining in the high years for the most part.

She added: “During this evening and overnight, the showers from the north and west are starting to head a little more south and east.

“You might well hear the strange rumble of thunder during the night for Northern Ireland, maybe also for Wales.

“But it’s going to be quite warm and quite humid again, sticky if you’re trying to sleep tonight.


“Temperatures in the mid to upper teens, possibly no lower than 20C for parts of southern England and southern Wales.

“Low pressure is becoming a bit more established in the UK as we move through the start of the working week.

“On Monday we are more likely to see showers heading a little east. There could be one or two, for example, across East Anglia during the afternoon it could be heavy and stormy.

“And very heavy showers in parts of northern and western Scotland. So definitely more frequent showers into tomorrow than we’ve seen recently, but some areas will miss them altogether and stay dry.

“And we’ll probably have the eighth day in a row above 30 degrees south and east, but getting a little cooler in the north.”


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