Blog: Great weather today, but will we see a winter mix on Friday?


The weather today looks pretty good. Lately, we haven’t had a lot of good days just going out for a walk and getting some fresh air. Today should be a good day for doing it. We started with wonderful weather.

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Tour Cam this morning

Time started mostly in the 1940s with some 30s inland. We will be dry today even if a cool front will come in and strike over the region. The high pressure is just to the south.

Regional weather map

We will be partly cloudy all day. The high temperatures will rise until the upper 40’s to the lower 50’s. The wind will change direction (west-north-northeast-east), but it will not be too strong. It should only be around 5-10 mph. Again… overall it should be a great day.

You will notice from the map above that there is a weak area of ​​low pressure over the Tennessee River Valley. It will roll east / northeast along the front this evening until tomorrow. There will also be an upper level depression to the east in front of the surface feature.

Future Trak (tomorrow morning)

In our area we will have cloudy skies overnight with scattered rain showers after midnight. The weather will be in the 40’s for the most part by then.

Future Trak (2h Friday morning)

The models have really dried up the 24 hour forecast compared to yesterday. So our model now shows a brief winter mix on Friday morning for a while, but it has most of the precipitate north of Hampton Roads.

Future Trak (early Friday morning)

I think the model has gotten a little too dry. So I think there will be a scattered winter mix in the morning. However, temperatures are expected to be above freezing. So everything will melt. It might stick a bit to the grass and terraces well north of Hampton Roads. After 5-7 o’clock in the morning we will dry off. Then it will be cold, dry and windy! A few flurries can continue until late morning. High temperatures will only be in the upper 30s on Friday afternoon. Winds could be blowing up to 30 mph from the northwest.

Side cumulative… The models arrive with meager quantities this morning. Here are 4 of the models we use:

Forecast of snowfall totals (4 models)

They show a little north of the metro. Perhaps some between Williamsburg, Gloucester and the Northern Neck. Here is my latest snow forecast:

Snow / precipitation forecast

The forecast could still change a bit. Remember, we are not as dry as before. Also, the ground is not as hot as it was about a week ago. However, it is the speed of the system and the atmospheric humidity that are in question this turn. So check back for updates.

Tomorrow afternoon cold air will blow over the region. High temperatures will only work in the upper 30s.

Weather Forecast Tomorrow

Wind chills will even be in the 20s in the afternoon. At least we’ll dry off. Then the low temperatures will be in the 20’s and maybe in teens from Friday night to Saturday morning. We will be dry and cold on Saturday with high temperatures close to 40. Then we will warm up to the 50s on Sunday. There will be another round of precipitation on Monday, but I’ll cover that in more detail in tomorrow’s weather blog.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler


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