BMW Championship weather forecast and projections for Wilmington Country Club


We are leaving for the BMW Championship in Wilmington Delaware this week, and although we will see some showers over the weekend, the wind will mostly cooperate for us.

As usual in my Golf weather forecast, we focus more on the wind than on the rain. Although rain can stop play if it’s heavy enough, it also helps to soften and slow down the course, which means it helps as much as it hurts. With wind, there is no useful side, everything is negative impact, and impact can lead to dramatic differences in scores. My goal is always to try to highlight the timeslot with the lightest winds, the timeslot with the strongest winds, and see if there is a cumulative advantage for one wave over another . You can use and then use this to your advantage by making your choices on DFS sports sites and bets.

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BMW Championship weather report and forecast

Round 1 weather forecast – Thursday, August 4

Early tee times can expect calm winds to begin, 0-5 mph. These winds will reach around 5 mph for most morning hours. In the afternoon we will see the winds increase by a hair, 5-10 mph throughout the afternoon.

Round 2 Weather Projection – Friday, August 5

A repeat of Thursday’s fine weather. Calm winds to start, 5 mph late morning, 5-10 mph in the afternoon. About as good weather as you could ask for.

Round 3 Weather Projection – Saturday August 6

Same wind pattern, with early calm winds and light winds in the afternoon, peaking around or just under 10 mph. We will see the possibility of a few scattered showers throughout the weekend.

Round 4 Weather Projection – Sunday, August 7

Almost a carbon copy of Saturday. Winds 5 mph in the morning, 5-10 mph in the afternoon, with a few showers and possible scattered thunderstorms.

Globally BMW Weather forecast for the championship

My goal is always to try and avoid peak winds, but when even the strongest winds are 10 mph or less, I see no real reason to use weather when building queues . Thursday and Friday are both similar weather days, with perfect weather in the morning and nice weather in the afternoon. We’ve got some rain to contend with over the weekend, but with showers and thunderstorms scattered throughout the afternoon, there’s not much you can do but hope they stay clear of the journey. Stay tuned @KevinRothWx for the last.

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