British Columbia weather: forecast calls for ‘excessive rain’


Although British Columbians are used to enduring storms throughout the fall, a local forecaster says the province could see more rain than normal in the coming months.

The Weather Network’s fall forecast for British Columbia predicts that the season will start warm and dry, which could lead to a prolonged risk of wildfires in the province. But in October and November, the climate should change to become much wetter.

“A typical number of fall storms and rainy days are expected, but this should result in above normal rainfall totals as moisture-laden systems will at times pose a risk of excessive precipitation,” the forecast reads. Weather Network for British Columbia.

“Near-normal temperatures at the end of the season should also allow the ski season to start relatively on time.”

Tyler Hamilton of the Weather Network said that doesn’t mean it will rain every day, but some storms might be “able to hold more moisture” and lead to an “increased risk of flooding”. It’s unclear, however, if the storms will be as severe as those that caused significant damage in parts of British Columbia last November.

The first day of fall is September 22 and in Metro Vancouver it looks like the last week of summer will be quite mild, with high temperatures expected to average around 17-18°C.

Friday and Saturday will likely see rain, according to Environment Canada’s forecast, although a mix of sun and cloud is expected the rest of the week.


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