Cold and stormy weather forecast for ACT, SE Australia


Cool, wet and windy conditions are expected over southeastern Australia for the end of the week and the weekend, warns the Bureau of Meteorology.

According to BOM, a deep low pressure system south of the bay will push a series of cold fronts and troughs across the southeast over the next few days.

The first front moves through Victoria, NSW, the ACT and Tasmania today bringing a band of rain and thunderstorms which are expected to intensify on the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range this afternoon.

Severe thunderstorms may develop over New South Wales and southern Queensland today, and can produce damaging winds, large hail and/or heavy rain.

Today’s front and rain will gradually move away into the Tasman Sea tomorrow, but the reprieve will be short-lived in parts of the southeast as a follow-on front, bringing gusty showers and thunderstorms in southern South Australia today, moving through Victoria, Tasmania, southern New South Wales and the ACT tomorrow.

The cold and wet weather will continue over Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT and southern New South Wales and southeastern South Africa on Saturday and Sunday.

Maximum temperatures are expected to be 4-8°C lower than average over the weekend and the snow level will drop to around 1100-1200 metres.

Rainfall over the next few days is expected to cause further river surges, particularly in parts of New South Wales, northeast Victoria and northeast Tasmania, and flood watches have been issued . There are numerous ongoing flood warnings for the interior of New South Wales, southern Queensland and northern Victoria.

Severe thunderstorms are a risk today, particularly over inland parts of NSW and southern Queensland. Warnings may be issued for severe storms producing damaging winds, large hail and/or heavy rains that can lead to flash flooding.

Windy conditions are also expected to develop but are currently expected to remain below warning levels. The Bureau will continuously monitor the conditions and warnings will be issued if necessary. (Note that saturated soil can lead to wind damage even below warning thresholds.)

This weather system can cause hazardous conditions for certain coastal areas and activities.

Communities are encouraged to keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings on the Bureau’s website or the BOM weather app.

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