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Owens Valley / Mammoth Lakes
Dennis Mattinson, Weather and Atmospheric Forecaster

Sierra Wave Media / KSRW-FM 92.5

MON 15 AUGUST 2022

After a few cumulus buildups atop the White Mtns over the weekend, storm hazard begins to increase today, with the possibility of hybrid wet/dry T-storms. By Tuesday, a clockwise flow around the large 4 Corners ridge will once again bring a more SE push of moisture. PWATs from Tuesday to Thursday seem to bring 20 to 50% chances on our region. In addition to storms, the thing to watch out for will be erratic gusty outflow winds and dry lightning… DMATT

Bishop and the Owens Valley (KBIH elevation 4121 ft / 1246 m)

Today: Sunny —> 20% PM T-storms. 97 / 62

Tuesday: 40% thunderstorms T PM. 95 / 62

City of mammoth lakes (elevation 7129 ft / 2172 m)

Today: 30% PM T-storms. 77 / 55

Tuesday: 50% thunderstorms T PM. 74 / 54

About Dennis Mattinson

Dennis Mattinson was EPA program manager and air quality specialist. He specialized in the monitoring, measurement and movement of 2.5 and 10 micron particles (known as PM-2.5 and PM-10). He also specializes in weather forecasting for the Owens Valley and Mammoth Lakes, giving him the edge when it comes to accurate weather in the Eastern Sierra. Dennis was trained by the EPA and NWS of Las Vegas to forecast weather parameters, to better understand PM-10 migration in the Owens Valley and Mono County. It began doing radio predictions (92.5/96.5 FM SierraWave Media) in 2007. In 2008, TV-33 began using its local predictions for broadcasts throughout the region. Locals and tourists around the world use its weather information to plan their trips, including mountain climbers and other adventurers. The movie “Iron Man” used his forecast in their aerial filming of the mountains around the hills of Alabama.


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