Dylan Smith Weather forecast for Saturday night 8/20/2022


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Starting temperatures for Sunday will be in the mid to low 70s for the most part, with highs in the 80s to 90s that afternoon.

Throughout the first half of the day, I will rather be looking for skies more or less partially. By Sunday afternoon we should start to see a few showers/thunderstorms start to appear in the area after 3pm.

The worst of them are expected to remain further inland, where we may see stronger scattered storms form as they push east northeast through midnight Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, the main concern will still be more localized flooding around areas with the worst storms. It’s also the trend I’m looking for throughout each day of the upcoming work week.

Starting temperatures are expected to stay in the mid to low 70s each morning, while highs stay in the mid to high 80s each afternoon.

Each day, we will also continue to track more of these chances of a thunderstorm/shower pop-up each afternoon through evening, with partly to mostly cloudy skies.

During this time, I will still be tracking the chances of seeing a few strong to severe storms each day. However, localized flooding will be the main concern. So make sure you have your rain gear on hand and give yourself extra time to get home each day.


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