Evansville and tri-state weather forecasts indicate snow is a possibility tonight


Around 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon, it was 74 degrees in Evansville. By the time you wake up Saturday morning, according to the National Weather Service, there could be half an inch of snow on the ground in all three states.

And if that doesn’t sum up the temperature variations we see in this region, well, what does?

A cold front has already passed through the Ohio Valley, sending temperatures plummeting. Overnight a disturbance will cross the region bringing light amounts of precipitation. Snow is likely after 4 a.m. and the temperature will drop to 32 degrees with a bitter north-northwest wind of 15 to 20 mph.

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The weather service says travel impacts are expected to be minimal, as streets and highway surfaces are still so warm that most of the snow will melt quickly. But it will accumulate on grass and other areas.

Saturday highs in Evansville will only reach 40 degrees, and high temperatures through at least next Thursday are all expected to be in the 40s.

If measurable snow falls in Evansville overnight, it won’t even come close to the record for the earliest in the city. This was recorded on October 19, 1989. That would be before the first average snowfall in Evansville, which is December 8, according to National Weather Service statistics.


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