Fairly sunny skies in central Florida


Today’s top: 86 degrees
Tonight it’s low: 69 degrees
Rain: 20% (Coastal)

Main meteorological problems:
Another hot day in central Florida with mostly sunny skies. Winds will continue from the east and this may allow a few showers to move inland. The chance of rain overall remains at 20% with the best chance closer to the coast. Afternoon highs remain in the mid 80s across the interior and the upper 70s to 80s along our east coast beaches.

You can expect a mix of sun and cloud with an onshore wind. Temporary showers are possible. The risk of rip current was high to high. Be sure to swim near an open lifeguard station. The surf is up to 4′.

The theme parks will be very sunny with highs near 86. The humidity has returned so stay hydrated!

Dry air will remain over our region throughout this week. This means the chance of rain will be limited with only a few coastal showers in the forecast. Highs will continue through the mid 80’s until a wind shift at the end of next week.

The FOX 35 Storm team is monitoring two disturbances in the Atlantic. Only one is likely to turn into anything. A disturbance in the Caribbean could develop into a tropical depression in the coming days. The NHC has scheduled a Hurricane Hunter flight on Sunday to take a closer look. The system is expected to track west, but there are no signs that it will threaten the United States. The FOX 35 Storm team will continue to track the tropics for you and keep in mind that hurricane season will continue through November 30. Stay prepared and aware of the tropical outlook in the coming days.


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