Forecasters on alert for bad weather today


Forecasters and Alabama residents will be watching the skies today. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast. Weather watchers say west-central Alabama should be on the lookout for potentially severe weather that could include tornadoes. Northwestern parts of the state could experience power outages. Gary Goggins is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Birmingham. He says strong winds are a concern for Thursday….

“We are going to see wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour outside of any thunderstorms, so just during the day on Thursday we will have gusty winds which could contribute to the fall of a few trees and lead to blackouts. sporadic currents,” says Goggins.

Goggins also wants citizens to keep an eye out for weather alerts and tie up anything in the yard that could be easily blown away. Heavy rain will begin mid-afternoon and continue until midnight as the system moves into Georgia. Goggins says having more than one weather radio or cell phone app is a good idea.

“You always have to have more than one way to get a warning. So if you have something on your phone that can alert you. You also need a weather radio in case one of these sources fails. This way you can receive the warning and take appropriate action.

Goggins says it’s also important for people living in mobile homes to know the safest place to be in bad weather.


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