A west-southwesterly wind is blowing in the area this morning. Some gusts of wind can be stronger than 30 mph. But despite this wind, the day will be milder. High temperatures this afternoon will be near 60 degrees, with cooler average temperatures in the Northwoods and closer to the lake shore. We will enjoy the sun, mixed with some passing clouds throughout the afternoon. All in all, it’s going to be a great day.

We are following an active weather forecast which will arrive this week. A stronger weather forecaster circling over Oregon State will head into the Midwest, bringing us at least a few showers and thunderstorms. Some of these tomorrow night storms could be strong giving us maybe an inch of rain. Then, a new burst of severe thunderstorms will be possible Wednesday afternoon or Wednesday evening. The storms of this second round could be accompanied by hail and high winds, although there is some uncertainty so far in advance… Stay informed in the days to come!

Later this week rain showers will change to mixed precipitation as colder weather returns. High will drop back into the 40s from Thursday and on weekends.

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TODAY: W 15-25+ MPH


TODAY: Partly cloudy. A little warmer. Gusty winds. HIGH: 61

TONIGHT: Rather in the moonlight. Cooler and calmer. LOW: 35

TUESDAY: Becoming cloudy. Breezy late. Showers and thunderstorms mainly at night. HIGH: 58 LOW: 48

WEDNESDAY: Mainly cloudy, warm and windy. Showers and thunderstorms sometimes… Can be very LATE. HIGH: 68 LOW: 39

THURSDAY: An early winter mix. Colder and windier. HIGH: 45 LOW: 34

FRIDAY: Cloudy and windy. Possible snow showers NORTH. HIGH: 42 LOW: 30

SATURDAY: Rather cloudy. Fresh and lively. HIGH: 43 LOW: 29

SUNDAY: Sunny and cool. Less wind. HIGH: 44

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