Heat and humidity with risk of storm – NBC Boston


After the record heat of Thursday, we are looking in all directions for help. Although there isn’t much in the way of heat and humidity, there is certainly some optimism about the threat of thunderstorms and rain. However, as the steering currents slow down, our concerns will revolve around too many good things.

During intense droughts, the soil hardens and becomes temporarily impermeable to rain. During heavy thunderstorms, intense downpours can lead to massive runoff and flash flooding. This is our main concern with the storms building up and spiraling out of control on Friday and over the weekend. Dew points reached the upper 70s across the islands on Thursday evening, telling us that there is a huge amount of water vapor available for these storms. With the right configuration, we could have problems. To make matters worse, the aforementioned slow steering currents mean that these storms will barely move once they develop. We will remain vigilant with showers throughout the weekend and into early next week.

Our biggest threat of getting wet seems to be the afternoon for the next few days. That said, we’re going to take shelter from the sun with more clouds too. The weekend sees the frequency of storms subside a bit as a front slowly washes out. However, with another front approaching on Tuesday, we will see the odds turn in our favor for the storms.

The heat is… still there. It is a standing order that we should expect highs in the low to mid-90s throughout the weekend. The humidity will be suffocating and overnight fog will form over Cape Town/the islands. If you’re already thinking about the end of the game, it’s Wednesday of next week. Temperatures drop and humidity gradually decreases. By Thursday and Friday of next week, this prolonged, record-breaking heat wave will be on the books.


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