Hot weather today; Cooler start to Labor Day weekend


Hot weather continues to be the big weather story across KELOLAND as most places hit the 90s yesterday. Today’s temperatures will be even warmer for parts of western SD.

We managed to develop scattered showers and thunderstorms in Nebraska. A few of these also developed near Custer and also in the far southeast towards Yankton and Vermillion.

Our latest Futurecast update remains very warm this afternoon with hourly temperatures well into the mid to high 90s in central and western SD. A cold front will move across KELOLAND during the morning and could trigger a few showers or isolated showers as it passes. However, the risk of organized rain remains low.

Once this cold front moves through the region, cooler weather will be refreshing on Saturday in our eastern and northeast regions. Dry skies will remain in place until early next week.

The trend begins to show signs of change by the end of the 10-day forecast. The large high pressure ridge to our west will break down allowing much cooler weather to arrive in the northern Rockies. We might also start to see chances of rain again, but that pattern change is still several days away.

Most of this rain is still outside the 10-day forecast.

Here are the forecast details.


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