Hour-by-hour weather forecast for Easter Monday as temperatures are set to drop in Manchester


Those who like to bask in the blazing sun and warm temperatures today, Easter Sunday, will see clouds forming overhead and temperatures dropping again for the bank holiday on Monday April 18. The average temperature in Greater Manchester will peak at 12 degrees on Monday after a weekend of high temperatures.

The Easter weekend heatwave continued throughout the day (Sunday) with temperatures reaching around 20C in Manchester. Sunny spells continued throughout the day, but in the evening the sky is expected to become overcast and there is a chance of precipitation.

According to the Met Office, there is a chance of light rain late Sunday evening into the early hours of Monday. Their website says the region is likely to experience “light and patchy” outbreaks of rain overnight and into Monday morning.

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There’s a 90% chance of rain between 12 p.m. and 1 a.m. Monday morning, with overcast weather the rest of the day. However, there is a chance that there will be some small sunny outbreaks between 12pm and 2pm, and later between 6pm and 8pm.

Townspeople enjoying the sunshine at Piccadilly Gardens

Temperatures have already been much higher than usual for April this week, according to the Met Office. The UK daytime average for April hits highs of 13C in the South East and West, while elsewhere highs of 12C and 11C.

Hour-by-hour forecast for Manchester on Monday 18th April.

12 p.m.: 90% chance of rain over the region. Temperatures around 11C.

1am : Heavy rainfall still expected and cloudy weather. 10C.

2h: Light rain is possible, will feel like 9C and winds of 14 mph.

3am : Dry conditions, 11C.

4am : Continuous but dry overcast weather, feeling of freshness at 8°C.

5am : About the same, dry and cloudy, 10C.

6am : 9C and overcast, winds 13 mph.

7am : Will feel cooler, at 7C. Still stay covered.

8am: Sky remaining dry and cloudy. 9C.

9 a.m.: 20% chance of precipitation, 10C, but will feel like 8 with 15mph winds.

10 a.m.: Winds at 16mph, 10C but will feel like 8C.

11 a.m.: Will feel like 9C with 18mph winds. Staying dry.

12 p.m.: Possibility of some sunny intervals, maximum of 12C

1 p.m.: Same conditions with sunny spells, still cloudy. 12C.

2 p.m.: Sunny intervals continuing, peaking at 13C.

3 p.m.: Covered conditions, 12C.

4 p.m.: Remaining cloudy will feel like 11C with 15mph winds.

5 p.m.: Covered, 12C.

6 p.m.: More chance of sunny intervals, 11C and remaining cloudy in areas.

7 p.m.: Sunny throughout the region, maximum of 12C.

8 p.m.: Sunny spells continuing into the evening, 10C.

9 p.m.: Evening dry and clear, 9C.

10 p.m.: Calm conditions, overcast. 8C.

11 p.m.: Cloudy and calm, temperatures of 7C.


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