How to read the colored bars on Apple’s 10-day weather forecast


Confused by the colored bars in your iPhone’s Weather app? We’ll explain exactly what they mean and how to read them.


Apple’s Weather app, a staple built into the iPhone and iPad home screens, got a major overhaul with the release of iOS 15. A design change which seems to have confused many people is the addition of colored bars found in the 10-Day Forecast.

Here’s what the colored bars in the Weather app are for and how to read them. For simplicity, we will divide them into bars and colors.

What do the bars in the weather app mean?

While the new features of the Weather app are widely celebrated, many users have expressed confusion over the colored bars on the redesigned 10-day weather forecast.

The horizontal bar, which is the same for all days included in the forecast, indicates the temperature range for the next 10 days. The leftmost side of the bar represents the lowest temperature for the next 10 days, while the rightmost side of the range represents the highest temperature.

The background bar shows the full temperature range over the 10 days while the colored section shows the temperature range for that particular day. The example below shows that the lowest temperature in the 10 day range is 23°C while the highest is 34°C. °C.

10-day forecast in the weather app

The colored bar represents the temperature range you will have during each day. You will see the temperatures on either side of the horizontal bar. This is compared to the 10 day temperature range, which is grayed out.


In the example below, the current temperature range is 24-34°C versus the 10-day temperature range of 23-34°C.

Today's weather forecast in weather app

More importantly, it tells you where the current temperature is within the range, as indicated by the small white dot in the Today forecast. In the example below, the small dot simply indicates where 30°C, the current temperature, falls within the expected range.


What do the colors in the weather app mean

The app shows you today’s temperature in a color gradient to give you an idea of ​​how the temperature will remain stable or change throughout the day.

A different color is assigned per temperature range:

  • Dark blue: Extremely cold temperatures (below 0°C or 32°F)
  • Light blue: Cold temperatures (0–15°C or 32–59°F)
  • Green: Moderate temperatures (15–20°C or 59–68°F)
  • Yellow: Slightly warm temperatures (20–25°C or 68–77°F)
  • Orange: Warm temperatures (25–30°C or 77–86°F)
  • Red: Extremely hot temperatures (above 30°C or 86°F)

Weather forecast at a glance

The redesigned Weather app can be confusing at first, but understanding what the visuals mean can be a big help when planning your daily and weekly schedule with the weather in mind. It can even help you plan the right outfit based on the weather outside.


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