Humidity returns with scattered thunderstorms – NBC Boston


Humidity returns on Thursday, and many more hours will be dry than wet through Friday.

Early Thursday morning temperatures are in the 60s for just about every community in eastern Massachusetts. Dew points are also running in the 60s, so it’s still comfortable. Wetter air has returned to the Cape and the islands, and it will spread northward on Thursday. You will feel a difference once we arrive late morning and midday.

Showers that are found in upstate New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are heading towards our area, but we certainly don’t expect a wall of rain. Thursday’s forecast calls for isolated showers instead.

Around 8:45 a.m. Thursday morning, some of these isolated showers will already make their way along the Mass Pike, and around noon, some showers are also starting to break out in suburban Boston. The further north you go from the Pike, the more isolated the showers.

By Thursday evening, most showers will have cleared the Boston metro area, but remote areas to the northwest will see showers and thunder. These storms will fall over the Boston area overnight, but will have passed by Friday morning.

Friday night also has a chance for storms, with a great weekend to follow. Friday highs are expected to approach 90 degrees in most communities.

Expect a hot weekend with lower humidity.


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