It’s about to feel ‘pretty sticky’ before the arrival of ‘fresh autumn air’ – Sentinel and Enterprise


Get ready for a weather rollercoaster ride this week, as it will feel like a tropical summer for a few days before some refreshing autumnal air hits the region.

A warm front on Monday will bring very uncomfortable humidity to Massachusetts, according to the National Weather Service.

“That should make it pretty sticky out there,” Torry Gaucher, a meteorologist with the Boston office of the National Weather Service, told The Herald on Sunday.

There will be a chance for rain showers and much needed isolated showers on Monday, with temperatures in the 80s.

Then the heaviest and most consistent rain will arrive on Tuesday, as a cold front moves through the Bay State.

“We could see isolated strong to severe thunderstorms,” Gaucher said, noting that the threat of thunderstorms will be from Tuesday in the early afternoon to early evening before things calm down.

More comfortable air will shroud the region behind the cold front, as dew points drop into the 50s. Temps are expected to drop even into the 60s on Thursday and Friday.

“It will definitely have a refreshing, crispy feel, especially in the morning,” Gaucher said. “That crisp autumn air.”

Despite last week’s rains, the severe drought continues in Massachusetts. The southeast region of the state is the only area that has moved from a critical drought region to a significant drought region after recent heavy rains, according to state environmental officials.

“While recent rainfall across the state has brought some improvements to stream flows and local water supplies, we still have a ways to go,” said Beth Card, Secretary of Energy. and Environmental Affairs. “The Commonwealth continues to experience widespread drought in all parts of the state.

“To avoid overburdening water systems, we must all follow local water use requirements and practice water conservation methods to ensure that essential needs, including water drinking water, fire suppression and habitats, continue to be satisfied,” Card added.

Recent rains have helped reduce fire danger and lessen the potential for new wildfires, which have increased this year. About 905 wildfires were reported, burning about 1,485 acres.


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