January 15, 10 p.m. Weather forecast update | Weather


Five states are under a state of emergency as the historic storm continues to move east. Up to 14.3″ of snow fell in Iowa, 9.5″ in Illinois and 8″ in Missouri. Meanwhile, up to 10″ was reported in Arkansas and 1, 5″ fell in northeast Texas.

The snow will work towards the east with high winds. 2″ of snow and winds up to 50 mph can occur in the Atlanta area, while up to 10″ of snow and winds up to 60 mph can occur in northeast Georgia .

Meanwhile, note the crippling ice storm expected from east-central Georgia and South Carolina to North Carolina and even east to Pennsylvania. Ice 0.50 to 1.25 in. is possible and with the winds, long lasting power outages and widespread tree damage are to be expected.

Ice storm

There is the evolution of the storm.

Note some flurries in our shortwave and lake effect region here Sunday evening through part of Monday.

Big storm of wind, snow and ice.....

There is a closer look at the scattered flurries here Sunday evening-Monday.

After 7-15 tonight with wind chills at -6, we will hit 27-32 with sunshine then increasing clouds tomorrow and winds west-northwest 15-27 mph. Wind chills will have teens running up to 21.

A few snow showers

Here again, local dedusting of coatings is possible here. The highest amounts of up to 1″ are expected to occur in our far northeast counties.

Some slick spots/areas on roads are possible in areas that see light accumulation.

Local dust removal

We briefly warm to 36-41 Tuesday with southerly winds and then a few flurries to flurries Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening, but arctic air arrives Thursday through Friday with some showers. Repeated shots of airbursts in the Arctic late next week through January 29, bolstered by the Alberta Clippers which could bring several snow accumulations to the region.

If we see these phases with some of these southern storm systems, then the snows will be much bigger.

Right now, the phasing seems more limited than it looked yesterday. So, at this point, the snows would tend to be more on the minor side than the significant side.

However, lots of wind and dry nature of the snow will make them punchy due to blowing and drifting issues.

Clippers with snow and arctic explosions

There are freezing cold snaps coming.

Snow with southern storms can go as far south as the Gulf Coast, while again we see Clipper snows.

Temperatures below freezing to well below freezing can occasionally occur here.

Brutal cold snaps


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