July 4, 6 pm Weather forecast update – Intense heat and “Ring of Fire” “Ridge Riders”… | New


Highs hit 90-96 today with the heat index reaching 91-103.

The storm with a severe risk can reach the extreme west/northwest before 9 p.m. and the showers will dry up. The area to watch before 9pm is west of Benton and northwest of Warren with some showers elsewhere for a while.

Storms could also cut through northeast counties early tomorrow morning before crashing.

Tonight’s lows will only drop to 72-80 with wet to heavy dew points at 70-76 and southerly winds 10-18 mph.

There is a risk of a few strong gusts in our northeastern counties tomorrow morning and storm gusts cutting far to the west/northwest this evening.

Most fireworks will be okay as they start at 9:00 or 10:00 p.m.





The “Ring of Fire” pattern continues tomorrow.

At the storm outflow limit over our northeast counties in the morning, this limit may blow a few storms through the ceiling.

Any storm that overcomes it completely can pose a serious threat (mostly a downburst threat).

Highs of 93-100 are likely with heat indices of 100-114 with south to southwest winds at 13-26 mph.


Northeastern counties could be cut through by a complex of storms tomorrow night before crashing with south to southwest winds of 7 to 15 mph and lows of 72 to 80.


Wednesday can feature storms along the overnight storm outflow boundary. Highs of 91-100 are expected with heat indices of 99-113 with southwest winds of 10-18 mph.

After lows of 73-80 on Wednesday night, Thursday will feature highs of 91-97 with Heat Indexes of 100-113.

Thursday afternoon-evening, a thunderstorm complex could overtake the hot ridge and move north with a risk of strong gusts.


We dry out after that and become slightly cooler with low humidity Friday through Sunday as the surface cold front passes Thursday evening and the warm ridge contracts.


It will begin to re-extend next week with a possible 94-100 by next Wednesday-Thursday.



It is thought that we could see a wave of storms with a severe risk over part of the region, followed by a good cooling in the middle of the month.

Beautiful contraction of the hot ridge!

Highs of 78-84 with lows in the 50s are probably here!


The fact is that the hot ridge does not go away. I spot for a while. Note where the intense heat is…….western and northwestern United States


The intense heat builds up for a few rough heat waves in late July and early August.


The drier trend continues in late July-early August overall with ground feedbacks in the Plains and Midwest and the AOP/AMO pattern in tandem with the traditional long-term La Nina.


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