KSAN Storm Team Weather Forecast Monday January 10, 2021


An overcast sky develops in the atmosphere with the thin window of humidity for saturation. Clouds will increase in our area from the southwest, before becoming partly cloudy by tomorrow.

A trough to our west filters through some showers in parts of Crockett County. Most of us will be dry tonight, until tomorrow when isolated showers could filter in from a short wave.

The humidity is decreasing in our region as the next front crossings approach. We were monitoring a possible Baja California system that would send a low pressure system to our area with midweek showers. This low was absorbed by the zonal flow of a low pressure system to our west, but left some moisture and lift for the showers currently over the Big Bend area of ​​Texas.

The models have a shortwave trough moving through our area tomorrow, which would result in isolated showers. The areas that will see most of this activity appear to be for our Eastern counties. A drizzle or two is possible for San Angelo, but any accumulation of precipitation is out of the question.

A cold front will be announced on Friday evening. Temperatures will drop into the 1950s on Saturday. We are warming up a bit for Sunday with peaks in the 60s, before the arrival of the second cold front.

A second front on Sunday evening will set in, taking us back to the 1950s for Monday. Due to the lack of humidity and instability, these two fronts will bring hardly any precipitation to our region. Most of the humidity will move east with a better chance for eastern Texas with the fronts approaching.

The GFS and EURO models did not have any precipitation this weekend, with the high pressure filtering the descending air and the dry conditions. We will be monitoring humidity levels this week to see if a surge of humidity returns which could bring rain to our area.

Drought and dry conditions have already consumed much of our region, resulting in a fire hazard due to the dry conditions. We’ll be watching over the next few days to see if anything comes up to help alleviate this dry start in January.


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