Lancashire weather forecast as Met Office predicts another dry day for Preston, Burnley, Blackpool and Blackburn


The sunny streak is officially broken and Lancashire will wake up to see cloudier conditions that have plagued all week. Most places will see rain levels by Friday afternoon (June 24).

Despite the rain, there will be highs of around 20C for most places. Preston will experience the highest temperature of 21.

The pollen count will be very high, so those who suffer from hay fever are warned to act accordingly. There will also be high UV levels, so don’t let the clouds stop you from applying sunscreen.

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For the wider North West, the Met Office predicts: “Largely dry at first with some sunny spells or sunny spells. C.”


Morning: There will be a partly cloudy start to the day, with the sun trying to make its mark throughout the morning.

Afternoon: Around 12 p.m., the clouds will settle in to stay, and the sun will not return for the whole afternoon. The temperature will peak at 20°C.

Evening: The evening will see mixed conditions, leading to a rainy night.


Morning: Burnley is expected to experience sunny spells throughout the morning, with clouds taking over from 11am.

Afternoon: Morning clouds will thicken through the afternoon, but the chance of rain is low.

Evening: The rain is expected to arrive in the early evening and should stay overnight.


Morning: At 8 a.m., the cloud will be completely settled, but temperatures may have reached 17°C by 8 a.m.

Afternoon: Temperatures will peak at 20°C at 5 p.m., but the cloud will remain all afternoon, with a risk of rain from 3 p.m.

Evening: Cloudy conditions are expected throughout the evening with rain expected from 8 p.m.


Morning: Lancaster is forecast for a cloudier early morning than the rest of Lancashire, with the temperature only reaching 16C at 11am.

Afternoon: The sun will appear for a few hours from 1 p.m., which means partly cloudy conditions for the afternoon

Evening: Clouds that have persisted throughout the day are expected to darken, bringing rain overnight.


Morning: There will be a few clouds this morning but there will also be some sunny spells.

Afternoon: There is a chance of rain around 2 p.m., but otherwise a dry but cloudy afternoon.

Evening: Clouds will persist through the evening, with rain settling in by 6:00 p.m.


Morning: As elsewhere, the day will be partly cloudy with a mix of cloud and sunny spells throughout the morning.

Afternoon: Clouds will remain throughout the afternoon, with rain arriving at 3 p.m.

Evening: The rain is expected to stay into the evening, but the temperature will remain high, not dropping to 17 C until 10 p.m.

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