Lancashire weather forecast with dull days ahead after mixed spell


After a week of mixed weather for many so far this week in Lancashire, things will calm down for many ahead of the weekend with a few dull days ahead.

The Met Office forecast shows plenty of cloud for the region on Friday with only a few clearings in the evening. Temperatures will hover around the 14°C mark.

It’s a similar picture for Saturday and Sunday with more clouds and cooler temperatures with highs of 15°C on Saturday and 14°C on Sunday.

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There will then be a return to more unsettled weather early next week, although much depends on how the high pressure system moves into the later stages of this weekend.

The Met Office website reads: “Although details are still somewhat uncertain, the most likely outlook for next week at present is a continued mixed picture, with a combination of dry and wet spells A northerly airflow will bring temperatures down slightly from Monday, with highs likely to reach only the teenage lows in many areas.

“Associated with this there will be a period of rain for most parts of the UK, although precise positioning and amounts are still to be determined. Temperatures are expected to recover to near average by the end of the week, but there is still uncertainty as we prepare for the Jubilee weekend.”

Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Dan Rudman said: “There will be plenty of sunshine this weekend with temperatures expected to hit 21C in some southern locations on Saturday. However, from Sunday it will be cooler for the most part and as we move into next week the picture is more mixed again.

“Periods of rain affecting many places before more stable conditions are expected until the middle of the week, but with still the possibility of some showers even then. Although the Jubilee weekend is still a week away , what we’re keeping an eye on is how a warm air plume behaves later in the week, which, despite temperatures returning to around average for the time of year, could also bring showers then that it moves south and moves north Thursday and Friday.

Here is the Met Office five-day forecast for the region:

Tonight and tonight:

After a beautiful evening with lots of late sunshine, a dry night will follow. It will be breezy with clear stretches, although becoming cloudier over the hills in the morning. Feeling rather chilly under the clear skies and northern breeze. Minimum temperature 5°C.


Friday will be mostly dry with plenty of bright or sunny spells for all of us. Strong winds will gradually ease and a light isolated shower in the afternoon is possible. Maximum temperature 17°C.

Outlook from Saturday to Monday:

Fine and dry on Saturday with sunny spells. Cooler and cloudier Sunday with a chance of showers. Similar Monday with an increased chance of heavier showers.


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