Latest weather forecast for Greater Manchester as snowfall ends


People in parts of Greater Manchester woke up to snow this morning, with temperatures dropping as low as -1C overnight. A few days earlier there were highs of nearly 20C and the area was enjoying bright sunshine and clear skies.

Residents in parts of Tameside, Oldham, Stockport and Manchester said they woke up to white stuff this morning. This has caused some disruption to the roads, with heavy traffic on a section of the M62 between Junction 23 for Huddersfield and Junction 21 for Milnrow due to heavy snowfall across the road this morning.

In a tweet, Transport for Greater Manchester said: “It’s a cold start in GM and snow is falling, particularly in the eastern parts. Take great care on the roads and pavements and expect frosty weather. extra drive.Now the snowfall has ceased and has instead been replaced by sunny spells for most areas.

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As the day progresses, the Met Office said to expect scattered showers this afternoon, giving a ‘winter mix’ on the hills. Sleet is forecast for Oldham at 4 p.m. this afternoon, followed by a light snow shower at 7 p.m.

It will be cold in the brisk northeast wind, with high temperatures today of 8°C. As for tonight, all the showers will soon “die off” in the evening, leaving a dry night with “a largely clear skies.

It is set to become cold and frosty again overnight, with lows of -3C. More wintry showers are forecast for Friday as the day gets off to a cold and frosty start with some sunny spells.

A few showers will develop in the afternoon, which “could give a little winter on the heights”. The maximum temperature will be 9°C. Meanwhile the weekend will be mostly dry, despite some showers early Saturday morning.

These will clear up to a “largely dry and bright afternoon.” There will be a frosty start on Sunday, staying dry with sunny spells.


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