March 2 Groovy Weather Today Cool Tomorrow Then Weekend Bounce


Wednesday March 2

morning report

What is “groovy time” you ask? Well, back to the 60s! Today we have temperatures about 10 degrees above average, bringing more energy to outdoor activities. But a cold front will arrive tonight and drop us into the 40s for a few days to balance things out.

This is the “weather spring” so appropriate to bounce back. This time a change from our model, with the warm temperatures of the weekend. So in honor of my wife: Flip Flop Army get ready for your marching orders. Check it out!

Morning surface weather

A weak stationary front is expected to push northward this afternoon, allowing a push of warmer air to bring us back to the 60s. However, the next cold front will arrive overnight. Maybe a brief shower, but the wind shift will be more noticeable as temperatures will be 15-20 degrees lower tomorrow afternoon.

Morning temperatures

Cool start, but these numbers are already a bit above average…

Afternoon temperatures

Spring energy in the air… The 60s most likely around Baltimore and the south… Staying in the 50s at the waterfront, Delmarva, and inland to the north.

Weather Almanac: BWI Climate Data

TODAY March 2

Seasonal snow: 14″

Normal low in Baltimore: 30ºF

Record 13º F in 1980

Baltimore normal high: 49°F

Record 80ºF 1972


Nocturnal cold front

Wind forecast: midnight to 3:00 p.m.


Morning temperatures

Afternoon temperatures

It will be 15 to 20 degrees colder than this afternoon.

7-day forecast

I have suppressed the Friday showers, but it will be cool. It won’t last long.

This weekend is heating up with the notable bounce of the 70s from Sunday to Monday. Yes, it’s flip flops time… There may be a few rain showers in the mix in exchange… But those days will be MOST DRY! Then gusts of wind to mark the maximum temperatures and the return to reality by Tuesday.

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