May 13 Weather Forecast: Warm Weather Continues | WIVT


(Friday May 13, 2022) The hot, humid, summery weather continues over the weekend. The chances of rain are finally returning too. A pause in this streak of warm weather briefly ends on Monday.

A very large area of ​​high pressure that isn’t moving anytime soon gives us one of the best times we’ve had so far this year.

However, there will be some subtle changes to our weather on Friday as this blocking pattern slowly begins to break down.

The winds in the lower atmosphere are turning to the southeast and the moisture from the Atlantic is moving north.

Some places around Binghamton started the day with a few clouds, but they quickly dissipated. These low clouds would give way to some beautiful cumulus clouds in the afternoon.

Temperatures are expected to approach 80°C again on Friday, and there is also a noticeable increase in humidity!

The threat of showers is low to none through Friday, so it’s likely not until the weekend that the chances of a few spotty showers and thunderstorms increase. On Saturday, some moisture from a system over the southeastern United States continues to move northward. This means our air is getting even wetter and the daytime heating should bring a few random showers in the afternoon.

Probably the best chance of showers and thunderstorms over the weekend is Sunday, as not only will we have warmth and more humidity, but also an approaching cold front.

Enjoy Mother Nature’s continuous treat, so keep shades handy for the short term, but be prepared to use the umbrella occasionally over the weekend.

Friday: Cloudy in the morning, then mostly sunny and warm again in the afternoon. High low 80s. Wind: SE 5-10 mph.

Friday night: Clouds, sweet. Lows in the lower 60s. Wind: Almost calm.

Saturday: Hot and slightly humid. Slight risk of thunderstorms late in the day. High low 80s. Wind: SSE 5-10 mph.

Sunday: Hot and a bit humid. Chance of showers and thunderstorms. High around 80.

Monday: Cooler with rain and a few thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 60s.

Tuesday: A mix of sun and cloud. Much cooler. High low 60s.

Wednesday: A mix of sun and cloud. High mid 60s.

Thusday: A mix of sun and cloud. Top of the upper 60s.


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