Met Office weather forecast for every part of Yorkshire on Thursday June 23, as forecast on a hot day


It will be a scorching day in Yorkshire today (Thursday) with temperatures reaching 28C.

The Met Office predicts a very hot day with strong sunshine and light winds in Yorkshire and the Humber. But the warm weather could be replaced by stormy conditions as we head into the evening.

Longer term, Friday will be cloudier with plenty of scattered showers forecast for the county. But it will be drier over the weekend with a mix of sunny spells and occasional rain.

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On Thursday (June 23), temperatures could reach 21C by 10 a.m. in parts of the county. The pollen count should be “very high”.

Read on for detailed weather forecasts for every part of Yorkshire today.


It will be a sunny day in Huddersfield on Thursday, but clouds will arrive in the afternoon. Temperatures could reach 26C by 2 p.m. Light rain is expected between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.


It will be even hotter in Sheffield, with afternoon temperatures expected to reach 27C. And clear skies will stay longer, although it will become cloudier around 4 p.m. There is a chance of a few light showers from 6 p.m. but the evening should remain mostly dry and bright.


It will be a clear and sunny start to the day in Bradford and temperatures will steadily climb to around 23C by midday. Temperatures will peak at 27C at 4pm before slowly dropping throughout the evening.

There is a small chance of a light shower at 7 p.m., but it will remain dry for the rest of the day.


York could experience some of the highest temperatures in Yorkshire today, with the Met Office predicting highs of 28C in the city. It will be a clear, sunny day and temperatures are expected to peak between 1 and 4 p.m.

No rain is forecast for the city, but it could become cloudier around 5 p.m.


It could be the hottest day of the week so far in Leeds today. Temperatures will reach 19°C by 9 a.m. and rise steadily throughout the day. At 3 p.m. it will be 27C. Light rain is expected around 6pm and it could turn cloudy as we reach evening.

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