Met Office weather forecast for Tuesday, January 11


The Met Office weather forecast for Wales on Tuesday January 11 shows a cloudy start to the day with outbreaks of rain, but this is expected to clear up later today.

Temperatures dropped in parts of the country last week and we even saw snow fall in parts of Wales. But, after a particularly humid weekend, we should see drier, brighter weather throughout the day after an outbreak of rain this morning.

The cloud cover is about to rise by mid-afternoon which will give us some sunny spells in everything except South Wales. The maximum temperature is set at 9 ° C.

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A cloudy start to the day with gusts of rain expected to clear up later in the day

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For now, Wednesday and Thursday are expected to remain generally dry. Many places in Wales will see plenty of sun in the early hours of the morning, but there is an increasing likelihood of fog by Thursday and Friday with the weekend getting much colder with overnight frosts.

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