More sun and warmer weather today |


As the high pressure continues to persist in our area over the next few days, there will be little change in our weather. We will most likely remain in the same weather mode throughout our warm and mostly sunny Friday.

We will see a gradual increase in humidity in our air over the next few days. This will give our area heat index values ​​during the peak heating of the day, sometimes exceeding 100 degrees. So be careful when venturing around the area over the next few afternoons. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during those afternoon hours.

However, as we move into our weekend and next week, we will start to see some changes in our weather forecast. We will see pieces of low pressure moving through our region, as well as fronts at times. This will give us a good chance of rain and thunderstorms developing in our area at times. At times there will be a risk of heavy rainfall. Most of the weekend rain will occur on Sunday and next work week.

We will see temperatures drop a bit for daytime highs and nighttime lows due to lingering fronts in our area. Temperatures range from the low 90s on Saturday to just the mid to upper 70s on Sunday afternoon.

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