! Murcia today – Sudden thunderstorms this Wednesday: weather forecast for Murcia from April 18 to 24


Publication date: 04/18/2022

The rest of this week will be warm and sunny, but watch out for midweek showers

Murcia weather, Wednesday, April 20

The weather in Murcia this week will be mostly dry and sunny, although a bit overcast in places, with the glaring exception of Wednesday 20th April. This day will see the return of a sudden torrential downpour which has caused flooding and road closures in the Region in the past.

Wednesday will also see highs drop sharply by around 5°C, but the rest of the week should see highs hold around the mid-20s and lows not dip below 5-6°C .

Wind speeds will remain between 10 and 20 km/h, except Wednesday when they will reach up to 30 km/h in many parts of Murcia, and also early Saturday morning when there will be winds of 40 km/h around the Campo de Cartagena and the Mar Menor. , making it perfect weather for a bit of weekend watersports.

Sudden thunderstorms this Wednesday: Murcia weather forecast from April 18 to 24

Murcia weather, Saturday, April 23

Minimum and maximum temperatures in Murcia this week

  • Monday April 18: at least 10°C; 26ºC maximum
  • Tuesday, April 19: Min 9ºC; 23ºC max
  • Wednesday April 20: At least 3°C; 20ºC max
  • Thursday April 21: Min 2ºC; 23ºC max
  • Friday April 22: at least 4°C; 24ºC max
  • Saturday April 23: at least 6°C; 24ºC max
  • Sunday April 24: At least 5°C; 24ºC max

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