New South Wales driver found after car swept into flooded roadway, number of flood warnings in several states


Police have found a woman ‘safe and sound’ after a car was swept from a flooded roadway near Mudgee in west central New South Wales last night.

More than a dozen flood warnings are in place in several states after a complex low pressure system swept across the east, battering the country with heavy rain and extreme winds.

Police said they were called to Macdonalds Creek near Lower Piambong Road in Erudgere last night after receiving reports that a vehicle had been swept into the roadway.

When the car was found without a driver, a desperate search was launched.

It resumed this morning, with police quickly ‘advising that a 59-year-old woman had sought help at a nearby property in Piambong’.

She was taken to Mudgee Hospital for evaluation.

A recovery mission is underway to retrieve his vehicle.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said between 50mm and 99mm of rain has fallen over parts of NSW since 9am yesterday.

A dozen flood warnings are in effect for NSW, with drivers urged to exercise extreme caution.

“People are encouraged to continue to monitor warnings,” BoM said.

“Damaging winds remain possible in parts of the southeast.”

A series of destructive low pressure systems have swept across the east since Monday, wreaking havoc across southern Australia.

Several states recorded significant rainfall after a series of destructive cold fronts. (BoM)

It was NSW’s turn battening down the hatches yesterday as the swath of heavy rain swept through the east.

Heavy rains battered snowfields across the state, turning powder snow to mud and turning once tranquil streams into raging rivers.

Perisher Creek, near Australia’s largest and second highest and most popular ski area, has spilled its banks.

Perisher Creek burst its banks as heavy rain hit the NSW Alps.
Perisher Creek burst its banks as heavy rain hit the NSW Alps. (Steve Smith/Weather Zone)

Thredbo received 63.8mm of rain up to 9am yesterday and another 47.6mm between 9am and 4pm.

The popular ski resort was forced to close its ski lifts for safety reasons.

High totals were also seen in Perisher.

Up to 64mm fell at 9 a.m. and a further 53.8 mm was recorded between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Bureau senior meteorologist Jonathan How said conditions would start to “calm down” today, but showers would continue across much of the southeast through the weekend.

“We see this cold front pushing into the Tasman Sea,” he said.

“But showers and rain will push into north-eastern New South Wales and southern Queensland.

“Throughout the southeast, a number of troughs will keep these conditions cold, windy and showery.”

More snow is likely to fall in alpine regions from today, repairing some of the rain damage.

A travel warning has been issued as heavy fog blankets Brisbane this morning.

‘River City’ wakes up white as fog swallows the city


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