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‘Major incident’ in London as wildfires continue to rage in Western Europe

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Many people online seem to downplay the effects of climate change by describing the extreme temperatures in the UK and Europe as “it’s just about time”.

But a new video shows exactly what’s at stake.

On Tuesday July 19, a woman named Rebekka Arnold took to her Twitter to post a 13-second clip of cars driving down a motorway in Dartford, Kent, as a wildfire spread and burned homes.

In a report of the independent, the Kent Fire and Rescue Service noted that twelve fire engines and a high-rise vehicle were dispatched to the scene near Durrell Dene in Joyce Green.

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Crews were working to put out the massive flames during Britain’s record hottest temperatures.

Places like Heathrow Airport and Kew Gardens reported temperatures of 40C.

Meteorologists said it couldn’t happen”without climate change.”

People driving on the A2 and other nearby roads have been urged to move with caution due to smoke from the incident, which may cause visibility issues.

Despite this, people listened to Arnold’s video comments to express their skepticism about climate change.

One person wrote: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s climate change activists setting the fires trying to gain publicity. If so, I imagine MSM will be only too happy to oblige .”

“I find it quite strange that given how hot it was yesterday, and nothing happened, now all of a sudden it’s a little warmer, and there’s all these fires breaking out on the day we break our heat record. It’s a bit dodgy,” another added.

A third wrote: “Yeah how weird that 2 full days of excessive heat led to these incidents. Why didn’t they happen yesterday morning? Must be a conspiracy.”

Others were simply shocked to learn that these wildfires could be happening in the country and wanted global warming deniers to take notice.

‘Never thought I’d see something like this in the UK, wow,’ one wrote, while another added: ‘Can global warming deniers give an excuse to this, please.”

Someone else wrote: ‘I wonder how many of those who see it driving past will think twice next time before deciding to drive and heat things up a bit more.’

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