October 26, 11 PM Weather Forecast Update – Followed by another round of 70 in the forecast… | New


Yesterday’s rainfall of 1.10″ broke the old daily rainfall record (for October 25) of 1.00″ since 1883!

Interestingly, just a year earlier, a daily record was set for 2.52″ of rain on October 24, 2021.

Totals exceeded expectations in the western half of the viewing area as the main band of heavier rain moved a bit east of Missouri and Illinois.

1-3.70″ fell in the western half. 0.75-1.25″ was common in the eastern half, with eastern Howard County and southeast Fulton County seeing the least precipitation with totals closer to 0.55″.

So per gauges in area this will decrease as an event total of 0.55 to 3.70″.

It was the heaviest rain over much of the region since August.



Afternoon highs reached 51-58 today trending gradually brighter after a dark, cool and wet start. The afternoon became much brighter, but it was breezy to windy.


Some high and medium clouds will roll in from the west this evening and patchy lake effect cloudiness is possible mainly in our northern areas.

Lows of 33 to 40 are expected with some areas of frost and some patchy fog. It looked like the best potential for patchy fog would be in our far northwest and western regions, but ended up being just a general term of “some patchy fog” for the whole area visualization in the new update.

With partly cloudy skies tomorrow, highs of 55-61 look reasonable with an easterly wind of 10-20 mph, followed by mostly cloudy skies and 39-43 tomorrow evening.

Friday highs of 60 to 65 are expected with a mostly cloudy start to Friday becoming mostly sunny in the afternoon. Winds seem east at 10-20 mph.

Lows of 36 to 42 are expected Friday evening, followed by a few rising clouds and 63 to 68 on Saturday with an easterly wind of 10 to 20 mph.

46-52 Saturday evening (with mostly cloudy skies) should lead to skies becoming overcast on Sunday.

Scattered showers are possible usually after 3-4 p.m. in the region, heading northeast. Highs of 61-66 are expected.

Scattered showers are possible from Sunday evening to Monday morning (minimum 52-54 and southeast wind).


A clarification is then possible on Monday. Halloween highs of 61-66 are expected with a northerly wind of 10-15 mph.

Right now it looks like the rain will come out for Trick-or-Treating with temperatures dropping into the 50s during the evening hours.

Total precipitation of 0.20 to 0.45″ is possible.


After that, watch the heat return!

Temperatures seem consistently well above normal through early November and through mid-November as a whole.



We are expected to be at 70 or more Wednesday through Sunday next week (November 2-6). Near/record heat could be approached day and/or night.

A vigorous storm system with warmth, instability and strong shear is expected around November 6th.

Extreme weather hazards may occur.


Near/record heat during the day and/or at night and a serious risk is possible around November 15.

The records at that time are 73-75.


Heat seen via projected temperatures at 5000′:


I think much colder air comes in after that. A few snow showers are possible.

My continuing thought is that it suddenly gets colder after mid-November, then we moderate, warm up near or just after Thanksgiving with a zonal flow.


Another cold snap with even a few snow showers is expected at the very end of November and beginning of December.


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