Ontario’s weather forecast calls for more thunderstorms today, so cancel your evening plans


“Out of the oven and into the frying pan” is a phrase that applies to Ontario’s weather forecast this week, as the province braces for another round of heat waves and thunderstorms.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), residents will tighten their ACs on Thursday as daytime temperatures climb back into the upper 20 degrees. The sudden return of warm weather will set the stage for mild thunderstorms, with heavy rain and strong winds on the horizon.

Northwestern and southwestern regions of Ontario have the best chance of recording powerful storms thanks to an inbound collision between an incoming cold front and Wednesday’s heat.

The Greater Toronto Area, which beat Mexico City last weekend for the hottest conditions, will avoid most of the chances of things going wrong during the day on Wednesday. However, the evening hours will be another story.

A low-pressure system moving across Michigan tonight could produce everything from heavy downpours to gusty winds, making late-night patio drinks a terrible idea on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, Thursday will not see any improvement as conditions are expected to become more severe with more thunderstorms, strong winds and heavy rain continuing to plague parts of the province.

However, once we get over the hump that is the work week, things will be much happier.

“Spectacular summer weather ahead for the weekend in Southern Ontario with abundant sunshine, near-seasonal temperatures and comfortable humidity,” reports TWN.

In conclusion, you might want to put off any outdoor projects until the weekend or risk being out in the rain. Nobody likes a soggy picnic.


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