Parklife Manchester weather forecast as ‘thunder showers’ forecast ahead of Heaton Park festival


There is only one day left until the launch of Parklife and festival-goers are probably packing all their things for the weekend.

The weather for the weekend will be a mix of sunshine, showers and even the slightest clap of thunder, according to the Met Office. Despite this, temperatures will be relatively high over the weekend, peaking at 16°C on Saturday and Sunday.

On top of that, the Met Office said Saturday will see northwesterly winds “strengthen” while “reaching gale force above the pennies. Windy showers will be more widespread than Friday, and one or two of them could be strong. Maximum temperature of 20C”.

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While Saturday can be a bit dramatic in terms of weather, Sunday will be much calmer and will likely see more sunshine. The Met Office noted that “winds will ease during this period, although a few more showers will persist on Sunday”.

To make sure you pack everything you need to battle the weather while at Parklife, we’ve provided a breakdown of Heaton Park’s weather forecast over the weekend, according to the Met Office.


9am – Sunny interval 15C

10am – Covered 15C

11am – Heavy rain 15C

12 p.m. – Heavy downpour 16C

1pm – Heavy shower 16C

2 p.m. – Abundant shower 16C

3 p.m. – Thunder shower 16C

4 p.m. – Heavy shower 16C

5:00 p.m. – Heavy downpour 16C

6pm – Sunny Interval 16C

7pm – Sunny interval 15C

8pm – Sunny interval 15C


7am- Sunny interval 12C

10am- Sunny interval 13C

1pm- Sunny 15C

4pm- Sunny interval 16C

7pm- Cloudy 15C

10pm- Clear 13C

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