Partly cloudy sky, mercury at 39 degrees


On Friday, partly cloudy skies and a maximum temperature of 39 degrees Celsius are on the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecast for Delhi. Thursday’s maximum temperature was also below 40 degrees – at 37 degrees Celsius, two degrees below the long-term average.

Scorching conditions are predicted for Delhi’s Safdarjung Meteorological Observatory, which serves as a landmark for the city, from May 9-12. The maximum temperature is expected to reach 45 degrees Celsius on May 11, according to IMD.

The IMD said there is likely to be a gradual increase in maximum temperatures in northwest and central India of two to three degrees over the next four to five days. He said in an update on Thursday that a new period of heat wave could set in in northwest India from May 7 and in central India from May 8.

The minimum temperature recorded over the past 24 hours was 24.2 degrees Celsius, one degree below the long-term average. The presence of a disturbance from the west – which brought rainfall to Delhi on Wednesday, along with cloudy skies and strong winds – has lowered the maximum temperature. Relative humidity at 8:30 a.m. Friday was 61%, while the temperature at the same time was 29.8 degrees Celsius.

The minimum temperature could also increase over the next few days to reach 29 degrees Celsius by May 12, according to forecasts.

Meanwhile, Delhi’s air quality improved to be in the ‘moderate’ category on Thursday, with an AQI of 146, breaking a long stretch of ‘bad’ air days. Rainfall the city witnessed on Wednesday suppressed the dust, leading to an improvement, according to an update released Thursday by the Air Quality Early Warning System. The AQI is expected to be in the “poor” to “moderate” category on Friday and is expected to return to the “poor” category on Saturday. “Dust transported long-range from the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East will impact air quality in parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and the NCR,” according to forecasts released Thursday.


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