Rain forecast around Taiwan for the coming week


Taipei, July 2 (CNA) Due to the effects of a persistent tropical depression coupled with southeasterly winds, rain is expected to fall in all parts of Taiwan over the coming week, Central Weather reported Saturday. Bureau (CWB).

These volatile weather conditions are expected to last until July 8, with the strength of the rainfall likely becoming more apparent in central and southern parts of the country, the CWB said.

According to the CWB, two tropical storms – Chaba and Aere – which formed earlier this week, will also destabilize the weather around Taiwan by bringing more rain, although they are unlikely to have a direct impact on the weather. country.

Nonetheless, the CWB has urged fishing boats and people involved in water activities to pay attention to high waves along coastal areas over the next week.

As of 8 a.m. Saturday, Chaba was located 950 kilometers southwest of Taiwan’s southern tip, Eluanbi, and was moving northwest towards China’s Guangdong province, while Aere was centered at 1,020 km east-northeast of Eluanbi, running north-northwest. direction to Japan and South Korea, the CWB said.

Wu Der-rong (吳德榮), adjunct associate professor of atmospheric science at National Central University, said with the presence of the two tropical storms, cloud cover around Taiwan is expected to gather and increase the chance of rain.

Wu said the windward side in the south as well as the southeast is expected to see more rainfall, and areas north of central Taiwan are expected to see heavier rain in the afternoon, adding lightning, strong winds and even hailstones could also deliver.

As for Saturday, the low belt began to influence Taiwan, prompting the CWB to issue a heavy rain alert for northern and central Taiwan as well as the outlying islands of Matsu.

Under the CWB’s advisory system, a heavy rain warning is issued if more than 80 mm of precipitation is forecast in a 24-hour period or more than 40 mm in an hour.

Precipitation is expected to cool Taiwan a bit on Saturday, the CWB said, predicting daytime highs of 30 to 32 degrees Celsius around Taiwan, down one to two degrees from Friday.


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