Rainy weather today with a few possible thunderstorms this evening


Wet weather becomes more likely later in the day. Return of dry weather tomorrow afternoon.

COLUMBIA, SC – After a few cloudy but relatively dry days here in the Midlands, we are finally introducing the risk of showers and storms into today’s forecast. Highs will be on the warmer side which could bring scattered thunderstorms.

Winds are from the south east today across the Midlands, this flow has increased our humidity and will bring late morning showers here across the Midlands. Although we can see some sun mixing in during the afternoon, don’t expect to see that much. Even with those peaks, it seems to climb close to 80 degrees in many places.

Chances of showers will turn into thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, especially if we end up seeing some sunshine. Right now, the most widespread storm activity appears to be from 5-9 p.m. tonight. We could see an isolated strong storm creating gusty conditions, but severe weather is not forecast at this time.

The rain should start to lessen as we head into the night. Scattered rain will lead to more isolated shower activity until around 1am. Some models cut off our chance of rain after that, but I decided to keep a small chance of rain in the forecast until Thursday morning.

Thursday afternoon we should start clearing with the return of sunny and dry weather as a cold front moves through the region. As the weekend approaches, we are seeing a brief cooling before a late weekend heat. Another cold front appears to be bringing very cool weather into the middle of next week.


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