Return of 90 degree weather – NBC Boston


We are far from improving – much less banishing – this drought situation. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “We had rain (x) days ago, we’re not that bad off.”

This has been the case since the beginning of spring. Frequent little bursts of light rain or drizzle give the impression that “it’s raining, we’re fine”. But we know that quantity, not frequency, is the problem.

And the heat will be more and more intense in the days to come. While Tuesday sees a return to 90 degrees, Wednesday numbers are set to plummet along the coast thanks to a sea breeze. This breeze will bring coastal communities back to the low/mid 80s. Elsewhere it’s another day in the 90s. Thursday.

As average levels of the atmosphere warm up – to the same levels we saw on July 24 – we expect to break records AND reach 100 degrees in some places. With the winds coming from the southwest, Boston is also part of this group of fire. Heat indices will also peak in the sweltering zone with plenty of humid air in place. Some places may seem like 103-105 degrees in the afternoon. It’s a good idea to take it slow and easy if you plan to spend time outdoors.

The end of the week gives hope for drought. We have a *chance* of storms – but wait, that may be different. With a blocked front nearby for at least three days, we could get some good hits with slow storms. That said, maybe that’s too much of a good thing too. Slow-moving, waterlogged thunderstorms could lead to flash flooding. We will continue to monitor this situation, but for now, stay safe in the heat!


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