Rose Bowl Southampton weather today: Ageas Bowl Southampton weather forecast for Manchester Originals vs London Spirit Eliminator


Rose Bowl Southampton Weather: The SportsRush brings you the weather forecast for The Hundred 2022 Eliminator.

The Hundred 2022 Eliminator will be played tonight between Manchester Originals and London Spirit at Southampton. Second and third respectively in the points table, the winners of the Originals and Spirit will face Trent Rockets in the final game at Lord’s tomorrow.

Readers should note that Manchester and London finished with 10 points having won five of their eight league matches. While Birmingham Phoenix also finished with the same number of points and wins, a negative NRR (Net Run Rate) resulted in fourth place on the table.

Speaking of their current form, Manchester should be a more confident unit after winning their last five games. Meanwhile, London have won two and lost three in their last five matches this season.

Only their third match against each other, it is notable that Spirit had found themselves on the winning side in their previous two matches against Originals.

Rose Bowl Southampton weather today

Set to host its fifth The Hundred 2022 game on Friday, the Ageas Bowl could be affected by risky weather forecasts. With showers expected to fall in Southampton amidst a partly sunny day today, it will be interesting to see if this game is played without a break or not.

In fact, the chance of rain should decrease by the end of the night. Therefore, all stakeholders would be crossing their fingers in anticipation of a full 200-ball game.

According AccuWeather, there is a 20% chance of rain around the start time of the match. The number will remain the same around midnight to reduce to the following hours. Similarly, the temperature will also drop after midnight.

Ageas Bowl Southampton hourly weather

11:00 p.m. – 16 degrees (probability of rain – 20%).

00:00 – 15 degrees (probability of rain – 20%).

1:00 p.m. – 14 degrees (probability of rain – 15%).

02:00 – 15 degrees (probability of rain – 5%).


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