Seasonal today with the fire weather concern 04/11/2022


Cool temperatures and cloudy skies this morning will eventually turn into sunshine and seasonal April temperatures in the afternoon! Highs are warming into the mid upper 60s today with light winds in the southeastern half of the state. Further north and west of us, however, the winds will be gusty. This raises concerns about fire weather today thanks to dry air so avoid burning today. We remain mild overnight with lows not descending until the mid 40s. This is thanks to increasing clouds which will act as a blanket and keep us from cooling down. Wind speeds are also increasing in southeast Nebraska which will increase our risk of fire weather Tuesday for eastern NE. Temperatures soar into the 80s as warm air surges through the area ahead of a weather system. This weather system could bring heavy to severe thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. Large hail, strong gusts of wind and even tornadoes are possible tomorrow. Now is the time to plan ahead and put your severe weather safety plan into action. A sharp drop in temperature brings highs into the 50s for the rest of the week with windy conditions.

Meteorologist Brittany Foster


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