Snowstorm expected as Met Office issues severe ice warning amid -5C Arctic blast


Power loss alerts issued

The Met Office has issued wind warnings for North West England, Wales and Northern Ireland which will be in effect overnight from Wednesday to Thursday morning.

With this, the forecaster warned that there could be delays in road, rail, air and ferry transport, adding that “short-term loss of electricity and other services is possible”.

The Met Office said: “Winds will increase this evening in parts of Northern Ireland, gusting to 50 or 55mph likely in places, possibly 60mph in a few exposed places, before easing beyond from midnight.

“Across North Wales and North West England, winds are expected to peak in the early morning, when gusts will reach well into the 50-60mph range, and possibly around 70mph near some coasts.

“The winds here will ease somewhat at daybreak, then more noticeably through the morning.”

The forecaster said snow could also contribute to travel disruption, adding: “Some roads, and possibly railway lines, can be affected by snow, which lengthens journey times.

“Possible icy surfaces leading to increased likelihood of injury or accidents, probably mainly on higher roads.”

He added: “Overnight showers and longer spells of rain and sleet will gradually change to sleet and hill snow by Thursday morning, bringing snow accumulations to higher ground, with 1 4 cm above 300 m.

“Temporary low-level accumulations are possible, perhaps mainly across Caithness, but should be short-lived.

“Ice may form on some inland and mountain roads by morning.”


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