Spring Air Move – NBC Boston


The spring air is knocking at our door. Wednesday is transition day; the sun will be replaced by rising clouds and temperatures will rise to the high 40s.

With less wind, it will be much better than the last few days. On Wednesday evening, a warm front passes marked by a few mixed showers, mainly in central and northern New England.

Light freezing rain and a brief snow shower can create a few slippery spots in these areas, so exercise caution if planning a late evening or overnight trip.

Thursday, the wind picks up again, but this time it comes from the south (direction of the warmer wind). Expect gusts of 40 mph in many places and 50 mph Thursday night on Cape Cod. This wind is however blowing in balmy air and highs will be well into the 50s and under 60s on Thursday and Friday.

Meanwhile, a major outbreak of severe weather is forecast for the southeastern United States on Wednesday. This same front will also bring us wet weather, although it will not be as extreme.

A few showers here and there won’t ruin your day on Thursday, but it’s worth having your umbrella.

More stable pockets of rain, embedded showers and even a few thunderstorms will occur late Thursday evening and overnight.

On Friday, clearings appear, but an additional temporary shower is possible in the afternoon.

Behind that, cooler air filters for the weekend. It will be windy and bright on Saturday, and cloudy with a few light showers on Sunday (not a washout). Both days will see highs in the lower to mid 50s.

Next week will be a little choppy as a few different disturbances could bring us a few bouts of wet weather Wednesday through Friday, so stay tuned!


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