Sunny Skies – NBC Boston


Enjoy beautiful sunny skies on Thursday. After a few soggy days, our weather model finally brings relief. Over the past few days we have seen 4 inches in Chatham and over 3 inches in many places in Southeast Massachusetts.

A high pressure system is now under control and this will allow us to absorb more vitamin D. With mild temperatures, our sun will feel hot in southern New England. Northern New England will watch for faster cooling as the northwesterly flow rushes in with dry, cold air.

We will see temperatures in the 40s in the afternoon and evening in Vermont and New Hampshire, with temperatures in the 50s to 40s in Massachusetts and the rest of southern New England late in the week. afternoon and in the evening.

With radiant cooling, our temps will drop to 30s and feel even cooler as the breeze continues. We will be watching for wind gusts over 20mph across New England but up to 30mph in the southeast through early Friday afternoon. Temperatures will drop across the region on Friday; the tops will stay in the 50s throughout the day and feel slightly cooler in the shade.

Frost will form in our western communities and suburbs through Saturday morning. Temperatures will wake up in the 30s so far with a small rise Sunday morning with temperatures nearing the 40s in eastern New England.

Planning Halloween? The pumpkin spell is winning the battle. Sunny skies, rays for days and a warmer afternoon for those pranks or treats on Sunday. No rain gear needed throughout the weekend. Monday, however, brings a change with cloudy skies, showers rushing from west to east and passing through the afternoon and evening. Rainfall accumulation is possible in some areas where we could see about a half inch to an inch in places by Tuesday.

In the 10-day forecast, we’ll see the choppy weather pattern overtake the first half of the work week, but over 60 will keep us above average for a nice stretch.


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