Temperature relief amid drought, thunder alert in Bihar and rain in Jharkhand

Patna: Heavy rains are expected over central and eastern India. The effect of a low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal is visible over central and eastern India. There was a change in weather and there was light to moderate rain and heavy rain in isolated places for two days. Light rain is also expected in Bihar on Sunday. There is an alert in 20 districts regarding Thanka. While a yellow alert has been issued in Jharkhand, there is a possibility of heavy rains.

Preparations to declare Bihar drought-stricken
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar visited drought-affected parts of the state for two days. The government is expected to provide relief by declaring drought-affected districts. The new government’s agriculture minister, Sudhakar Singh, said that due to the reduced rains, the farmers’ paddy crop has been badly affected. More than half of the paddy is not cultivated. The farmers who sowed the paddy are busy saving it. Doing patwan with a diesel engine puts farmers in difficulty.

He assured that Bihar would be declared drought after meeting with agronomists. Farmers will receive fair compensation. Along with this, provision will be made for seeds, fertilizers and water. So that farmers can be relieved. Next year, the government will provide fertilizers and seeds to farmers, which will reduce the problem of agriculture.

Warning for heavy rain in Jharkhand
According to the Meteorological Department, Odisha, Gangetic West Bengal and Jharkhand could receive thunderstorms in the next 24 to 48 hours. Meteorologists say that along with Bihar and Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh could also receive light rain in the next 24 hours. Lightning can also occur in some areas here. The effect of the low pressure formed in the Bay of Bengal is felt almost all over Jharkhand.

It has been raining well in various parts of the state since Friday. Due to torrential rains in the capital Ranchi and neighboring districts, a waterlogging situation has occurred in the lower area. Heavy rains were forecast at a few places in Gumla, Simdega and Lohardaga.

waterlogging problem in jamshedpur

Farmers have been relieved from the rain in Jharkhand. But the problems of people in the cities have increased. Low areas of Ranchi were flooded. In Jamshedpur, the water entered the houses. Sanjeevani Road (near Durga Temple) of Mango Sankosai Road #1 is filled with two to three feet of water. Local residents complain that so far no one has come to ask for help from the administration. The people who live here don’t even have access to drinking water. Appeal for government assistance.

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