This weekend’s weather headlines (x3): Weather today and Sunday, Unstable next week from Tuesday | Weather report


Here’s what’s making the weather headlines this weekend.


Not much to report with the arrival of an anticyclone, we still have a few light showers pushing into western North Island, a few showers illuminating Southland this morning and a small cloud over eastern North Island. But otherwise the weather is very nice today elsewhere with sunshine after a freezing start this morning.


Expect mostly sunny weather across New Zealand after a frosty start to the day for inland areas, winds are quite light.

The west coast sees partly cloudy skies with the chance of a drizzle patch over Fiordland, also some cloudiness for Northland, Kapiti and Wellington. Then finally a touch of high cloud will begin to drift from the Tasman Sea ahead of a front well to our west.


Hope you enjoy the calm weather this weekend because next week from around Tuesday the weather seems to be going down again. Heavy rain over the west coast and upper South Island on Tuesday, more heavy rain over the upper South Island on Wednesday and also moving into the far north.

A low start ends in the Tasman Sea on Thursday with heavy rain moving into the upper North Island then spreading to the eastern South Island on Friday.

Thursday and Friday could see more snow for the South Island Ranges, something to watch. No doubt the exact details will change by then, but overall more unsettled weather is on the way.

Please follow these maps here for upcoming weather.

Note the percentage of precipitation from the normal map below, this is from today until August 19th. The top of the South Island in particular is showing a dark blue colouration, meaning more rain than normal is forecast for this area ahead, something to watch out for in terms of potential flooding.


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