Three to five inches of snow expected in Denver on Thursday


Winter weather is back on Thursday, as temperatures stay below freezing all day and up to five inches of snow are forecast to fall in Denver.

The suburbs west of Denver in Jefferson County and north of Boulder in Fort Collins are under a winter storm warning and could see up to 10 inches of snowfall by Friday morning.

A few light flurries during Thursday’s morning drive could bring slippery spots to the road, but the main snowfall will begin in the afternoon and will likely affect the evening drive.

“Denver will also likely see light snow for at least the second half of the morning drive, but this snow should remain lighter,” National Weather Service forecasters in Boulder said.

After the morning showers, there may be a midday break in snow before continuing in the afternoon and late evening.

With temperatures Thursday only reaching a high of 25 degrees in the afternoon, between two and five inches could fall in Denver.

“This increase would occur no later than early evening, so we are still concerned about the evening drive through Denver,” the forecasters said. “Travel conditions will deteriorate. … An interesting note is that if we see enough solar insolation, we might actually melt a little initially, which would NOT be in our best interest for impacts. If this happens and we get a quick increase in snow in the evening, the ride could be quite rough with a quick freeze/ice compaction.

Current road temperature forecasts show Denver roads are just freezing, forecasters said, so it could go either way.

Lakewood, Arvada, Golden, Boulder, Longmont and parts of Broomfield are all under winter storm warnings until 9 a.m. Friday as those areas could receive up to 10 inches of snow.

In the Fort Collins and Loveland areas, both of which have separate winter storm warnings, wind gusts could reach 35 mph during the winter storm.

Thursday night’s low is 8 degrees in Denver, and a little more light snow could fall in Denver Friday morning, so forecasters said Friday’s morning commute could also impact travel.

Snowfall is expected to decrease by noon Friday, and the maximum will be similar to Thursday’s 23 degrees.


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