Thursday’s weather forecast promises bright skies and sunshine


Leicestershire will be blessed with another sunny day today, forecasters say. With temperatures as high as 17 degrees, we can expect to see the recent warning period continue.

The Met Office is predicting a bright early morning, with sunny intervals until 1 p.m. Those planning to take a trip to the park and make the most of the remaining halfway break, don’t forget to pack your sunglasses.

The afternoon will see a small burst of scattered clouds in the sky, but temperatures will still be at a pleasant 16 degrees, so don’t worry. The rest of the day will be clear and cloudless.

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A Met Office spokesman said: “Bright start with sunny intervals and scattered clouds. Clouds may form in the middle of the day but become brighter again later in the day. noon. Stay dry.”

The evening is promised to remain clear until sunset, according to meteorologists. The night is expected to get a bit cooler, with temperatures dropping to 12 degrees – which will feel like nine degrees.

The rest of the week does not look so good, because of the winds coming from the east. The forecaster said: “Becoming cooler with cooling easterly winds. Mainly cloudy Friday with outbreaks of rain or drizzle. Cloudy but drier Saturday. Dry and possibly brighter Sunday.”


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