Today’s weather will be dry ahead of a rainy weekend – NBC Boston


Nothing would be an improvement over yesterday’s weather. Even the wet, gray and foggy overcast this morning.

OK OK. It may be the potential of today’s forecast which makes it better. The fact that after a few hours the sun returns and the temperatures begin to warm up. We’re heading into the low 60s – with some effort. We don’t see a ton of blue until early or mid afternoon in many places, so be patient.

The weekend is not so rosy. And the forecasts are not so dry. That said, we still think some parts will be dry and some parts will be pink.

Saturday seems to start with sunshine (should hold out for a few hours) then cloud rolls in with a few showers. Unfortunately, the rest of the afternoon and evening will be under threat of wet weather – possibly even regular rain.

Sunday begins with lots of clouds (and may be a few wet snowflakes in the highlands of central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire) before a few bursts of sunshine passed. But since it’s so choppy, any sunshine would favor more clouds and a shower or two. We are also reducing temporary workers. Back to the low and mid 50’s.

There is another element we need to discuss – cold. He returns early next week. This is not news in itself, but the fact that it will be accompanied by a lot of wind is. The gust could exceed 40 to 45 mph throughout the day Monday and Tuesday. Wind chills (yes, they’re back) will be hovering in the high 20s and low 20s all day. Sorry in advance.

A gradual warming is expected after the high wind. We could also have another soggy weekend. Enjoy the weekend.


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