Two storm systems approach New England – NBC Boston


We have two storm systems affecting our area and two early warning days. The first storm passes southeastern New England and eastern Maine on Friday. The second goes along the coast on Monday. Wind and waves will impact the northeast, as well as rain or snow. Between these systems we have freezing cold and dangerous wind chills on Saturday.

The Friday Storm

This storm is approaching the northeast for Friday, primarily affecting southeastern Massachusetts with precipitation. Rain showers begin overnight and spread northwest until they reach around 128. Further northwest, no precipitation from this one. Temperatures start in the 30s and 40s in the morning and afternoon. Slowly, as the center of the storm moves away from us and strengthens, it will pull in colder air from Canada.

The center of the storm hits Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Meanwhile, we see rain turning to snow in Boston and across Cape Cod before the precip. departure Friday evening. Enter the wind! Destructive northerly wind gusts of around 60 mph along the south shore, cape and islands will pick up Friday evening, through to predawn Saturday. Expect breakdowns and damage.

biting cold

The wind then ushers in freezing cold as temperatures plummet on Saturday morning. A flash freeze is possible in southeastern New England after afternoon rain to snowfall. Temperatures drop to single digits in the south and below zero in the north. Wind chills of -10 to -25 will be found throughout the northeast. These weak wind chills mean frostbite can set in in 30 minutes or less in many areas on Saturday. The maximums only reach 5 to 15 degrees in the south, around zero in the north of the country. The wind slowly dies down as night falls.

Storm from Sunday to Monday

Sunday we have an intense weather break with 20s and sun plus less wind, but from Sunday evening to Monday our next storm is heading. This is likely to follow or just inland from the east coast, the center of the low-pressure system westward from New England.

This storm will be messy, with temperatures in the 40s in the southeast and rain. Colder temperatures and snow are likely for northern and western New England. Several inches of snow will fall and a bit of snow uphill could also improve our totals in the mountains. Snow is all day Monday, which is a popular ski weekend since it’s Martin Luther King Day. Stay tuned as the track may wobble slightly and we could then increase our totals for Boston by a few inches to several.

Wind speeds increase as the storm moves on Monday, gusting from the southeast around 40 then gusting from the southwest in southern New England. Northern New England will see more northeast to northwest winds. As for the coast, the wind will be offshore, without anticipating coastal flooding. Offshore waves will be 10 to 20 feet, so this is a dangerous storm for sailors.

Our weather pattern calms down after Monday, with temperatures in the 30s to 20s and a small system bringing snow showers mid-week.


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